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North Norfolk Community Woodland Trust

Company Registered in England No 2641361
Registered as a Charity No 1011541
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Pigneys Wood

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The land which is now Pigneys Wood was purchased in October 1993 and is owned and managed by The North Norfolk Community Woodland Trust through a Board of Trustee/Directors supported by volunteers. The Trust is a registered charity whose aim is to create new community woodland in areas where woodland access is difficult. The Trust is also registered as a Company. 

The 23.5 hectare site comprises 1.7 hectare mature mixed woodland, 7.8 hectare of new woodland, 8.5 hectare open ground and 5.5 hectare low lying wet grassland. Over 20,000 trees of 40 different species have been planted since the site was purchased in 1993. The diversity and extent of planting which has taken place since the land was purchased in 1993 can be seen by going to Appendices (2 & 3) 

Other features at the site include a renovated barn, reed beds, and information boards on wild flowers, butterflies, trees and birds. The site is bordered to the SW by the North Walsham and Dilham Canal.

The objectives of the Trust are to develop Pigneys Wood, a 23.5 hectare site, with local ownership and involvement, with the provision of new opportunities for public access in areas where there is little public access to woodland and to improve the landscape and create new wildlife habitats.



Despite its small size, Pigneys Wood is remarkably diverse, supporting a wide variety of trees, including a 'listed' 450 year old oak, and an extensive range of flora and fauna. There is a 'scrape', a shallow pond, to attract migratory and wading birds, a dipping platform for children and, if you are an early riser you might see deer and, later in the evening, barn owls in pursuit of their prey. The wood offers a variety of designated walks, most of them easy, taking you through ancient woodland, meadowland, wetlands and areas under regeneration. There is provision for wheelchair access and a number of areas where you can simply sit and enjoy the view or, if you wish, have a picnic with the family using the facilities provided.

An 'Easy Access Footpath' bordered by a native hedgerow has been created from the car park to the Viewpoint with its panoramic view of North Walsham and the countryside and continues through the 'Old Wood' to the 'Regeneration Area' and the 'Old Oak'. A new track has been constructed from the car park to the 'Old Barn' to allow heavy vehicles and vehicles of the emergency services to access the centre of the wood in cases of emergency and for the extraction of timber.

Pigneys Wood, which lies in the Parish of Knapton, is accessible at all times by the public and is enjoyed by schoolchildren and the very young, gaining an early experience of nature, and by older generations either walking their pets or, simply, seeking peace and tranquillity in a busy world. For further information please go to Appendices (1). 

In 2008 the Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership awarded North Norfolk Community Woodland Trust the 'Site Award' for "its outstanding conservation and management work at Pigney's Wood in North Norfolk." Click for details.

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Bluebell Walk

Photo Gallery

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  • Woodland and Meadow Walk - Pigneys Wood - June 2011
  • Wetlands
  • Vista from Viewpoint - Pigneys Wood - June 2011
  • Timber Extraction - Pigneys Wood - February 2009
  • Timber Extraction - Pigneys Wood - February 2009
  • Timber Extraction - Pigneys Wood - February 2009
  • Regeneration Area
  • Regeneration Area
  • Pigney's Wood - Picnic Area - Next to Car Park
  • Old Oak c.1560 - Pigneys Wood
  • Main Noticeboard - Pigneys Wood - June 2011
  • Entrance to Hall Lane Car Park and Picnic Area - Pigneys Wood - June 2011
  • Easy Access Footpath to Old Oak from Viewpoint - Pigneys Wood - June 2011
  • Easy Access Footpath from Car Park to Viewpoint and Old Oak - Pigneys Wood - June 2011
  • Dipping Platform - Pigneys Wood - June 2011
  • 'Old Scrape' - Site of Dipping Platform