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Pigneys Wood

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North Norfolk Community Woodland Trust

Company Registered in England No 2641361
Registered as a Charity No 1011541
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Volunteers/Working Sessions
Page last updated - 07.12.2015

To maintain the wood and its facilities volunteers are in demand and always welcome, so why not join us on a Saturday 'working' session to try it out. Working sessions take place in the wood every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month in the summer and, fortnightly, on Saturdays, throughout winter, weather permitting. They last for 2/4 hours starting at 9.15/9.30 am with a break for coffee/tea halfway through. You will find the company enjoyable and entertaining and the work interesting and educational in delightful surroundings. All are welcome, including children, provided they are accompanied by a responsible adult. We look forward to seeing you. We assemble in our Hall Lane car park. For details please contact Peter at 


Working schedules:

The following work is routinely carried out when volunteers are available:

        • Repairing and rebuilding steps and handrails.
        • General maintenance including grass cutting and pathways clearance

This schedule may change depending on conditions and priorities.


(Particularly for Grass Cutting & Pathways Clearance)





Bluebells - Pigneys Wood May 2015

(Image courtesy of Ursula Keene)