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Facilities & Walks
Page Last Updated 12.07.2015 

Picnic Areas:

There are three picnic areas in the wood; situated adjacent to the Car Park, the Old Barn and the Viewpoint up the hill. All have tables and seating. Picnicking is permitted throughout the wood but the lighting of fires and the use of barbecues is strictly forbidden. Smokers are asked to take care when discarding cigarette ends. Picknickers are requested to deposit their waste in the bin provided or, better still, take it home. We are a volunteer organisation and do not have the staff to conduct regular clean up operations and would ask you to leave as you find.

Viewpoint Picnic Area Picnic Area in Car Park Picnic Area in Car Park Picnic Area in Car Park


Tree Identification:

As an aid to the identification of tree species we have prepared a 'Tree Identification Guide' covering 31 trees that can be found in the wood. The trees included in this exercise have been tagged by a small round disc with a number corresponding to its species and can be identified by reference to the guide that can be found in our leaflet dispensers in the wood or by downloading from this site. The discs are located on the trunk of the tree approximately 2.5/3.0 metres above ground level. Simply match the number on the tree to the number in the guide to find out what type it is. Tagged trees can be found on all footpaths throughout the wood and the tagging process is ongoing.


It is hoped this will prove of interest to all users but particularly to children who should have plenty of fun 'ticking' the boxes of the trees they have found as well as learning more about them and of the wood in general.


Click here for Tree Identification Guide.



Dipping Platform:


Dipping PlatformThere is a 'Dipping Platform' for use by children and school groups interested in pond life. We would strongly recommend that all those intending to use this facility are accompanied by responsible adults. Paddling is discouraged at all times for obvious reasons. We would suggest that large groups, particularly schools, make contact with us before using this amenity to avoid the possibility of overcrowding.


The platform (pictured, left) may be found by following the 'New Track', from the car park, to the 'Old Barn' and then following the footpath to the left of the 'bund' or 'Kingfisher Bank' from where it is visible.



Designated Walks:


Guide PostThere are three signed walks for those interested in exploring the wood and its diversity. All are easy going and rated in terms of the time they take to complete at a relatively gentle pace. They are colour coded Red, Blue and Yellow and following the banded posts couldn't be easier. They all start at the car park for convenience although you can start anywhere along the route if you so wish. A large map of the walks is on the main notice board and can be accessed below.


We rate the walks as follows: Blue 30 minutes, Red 60 minutes and Yellow 75 minutes.


Map of Pigneys Walks (leaflet available)

Map of Circular Walk via North Walsham (leaflet available)

Field Guide to Pigneys Wood (leaflet available)

Pigneys Walks Map (map of all three walks combined)

Map of Knapton Way (Knapton Village Walk)


Leaflets are availabe at the Mundesley Visitor & Advice Centre.



Footpaths Report:




All major footpaths within the wood are passable, some easier than others. We are short of volunteers and, unfortunately, this is no more evident than on the footpaths and the grassed area surrounding the picnic tables. If you are interested in helping us to keep these areas clear we would like to hear from you. For the time being the walkways adjacent to the recently restored reed beds have been fenced off to prevent against the disturbance of wildlife during the breeding season.




Approaches to the wood via the Butterfly Walk/Paston Way from the railway embankment are all clear.


Regular users of these footpaths will not have failed to notice the work being undertaken on the canal and as a result of this we are unable to guarantee continued access to the wood via these routes, certainly until the location of bridges and other crossover points have been established. We are in contact with the developer to ascertain what changes are planned or envisaged and when they are likely to occur. We will keep you informed of developments via this site. The footpath between our footbridges, 1 & 2 has now been cleared (see illustrations below) and is easily passable, although progress beyond footbridge 2 is closed.




Please note that whilst the maintenance of public footpaths outside the wood is the responsibility of the County Council the maintenance of the spur to the south west to Little London Road has been undertaken by the trust and is dependent on the availability of volunteers and, for this reason, it is not always possible to maintain this route to our usual standard although it is never impassable to determined walkers.


Should any member of the public encounter difficulties on these routes please let us know by the email facility provided. We rely on your input to keep us informed of the state of the footpaths within and approaching the wood, enabling us to target problem areas as soon as possible. If you wish to assist in keeping footpaths clear and steps repaired please make contact with us. Your assistance would be very welcome.



Bird Hide:


A new 'Bird Hide' is under construction and, it is hoped, will be completed shortly. It is located next to the 'Dipping Platform'. More about this later.



Dog Walking:

Dog walking is permitted throughout the wood but between March 1st and July 31st there are designated areas where dogs are not allowed unless on a lead. These areas, which are clearly signed, are breeding habitats for ground nesting birds, butterflies and other fauna and it is crucial they are not disturbed during this period. We would ask all dog walkers to comply with this request.

Dog walkers are also requested to 'clean up' after their pets and deposit the waste in the bin provided or take it home for disposal. A number of parents have complained about the prevalence of 'dog muck' in the immediate vicinity of the car park and on footpaths, which poses a serious health threat to young children and deters them from using the wood. In the interests of hygiene, dog owners are requested to keep their pets on a lead until clear of the car park and well into the wood (100/150 metres would suffice) to help alleviate this problem.

As most people are aware, failure to clean up after your pet in a public place is now a serious offence attracting a large fine. Local Councils, as well as the wood's management, regularly monitor these areas and will take action, as necessary, particularly against persistent offenders. In making this point we are well aware that the large majority of dog owners are responsible and clean up after their pets but, unfortunately, there remain a significant minority who fail to do so and, by so doing, show a complete disregard and lack of respect for other users of the wood.


Please click here to access NNDC (The Fouling of Land by Dogs Order 2008) and here to report a dog fouling offence.

The Dog Litter Bin is located to the left of the footpath, as you leave the car park leading to the Viewpoint. It is difficult to miss and there to use. Please do so.

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