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27/06/2015 - Antisocial Behaviour.

Once again ‘idiots’ have been active in the wood, lighting fires in the ‘Old Barn’ using planks ripped out of picnic tables as fuel. We do not have to emphasise the danger to the general public of such antisocial behaviour particularly in summer and members of the public are asked to inform us, or the police on 101, if they observe anyone behaving in an unusual manner which might endanger other users of the wood.



04/11/2014 - Creation of Heathland/Moorland in Pigneys Wood.

The trustees are pleased to announce the commencement of a National Lottery funded project in Pigneys Wood which seeks to create/reinstate an area of heathland on formally intensively farmed but very dry land located to the west of Hall Lane and known as the 'Dog Leg'. Recent visitors to this area of the wood will have noticed that an area of approximately one hectare has been 'scraped' in preparation for seeding with heather which is being supplied by Norfolk Wildlife owned Foxley Wood  and being planted under their expert guidance and advice for best results. It is realised this work may result in some inconvenience to those members of the public who regularly access this area of the wood but this is expected to be short lived as the ground recovers and the new habitat develops. This development is in support of long term management plans to increase the diversity of the wood in the provision of a wide range of habitats for the benefit of wildlife and in the public interest.

25/09/2014 - Eastern Lifelong Forest School Report published - Click here for details


18/12/2013 - Tree Report published - Click here for details.    


27/10/2013 - Management Plan published - Click here for details.


23/06/2013 - Long Service Awards and Honorary Life Membership Certificates.



We are pleased to announce the award of an Honorary Life Membership and Long Service Certificate to the following retired member of the Trust:

Mr Michael Wright - Southrepps

Congratulations and thank you.


02/06/2013 - Sightings in the Wood:


A Swallowtail butterfly was seen in the vicinity of the dipping platform earlier in the month. This is a rare sighting and it is quite some time since we last saw one despite planting a large quantity of milk parsley some years ago.

02/03/2013 - Sightings in the Wood:

It has been reported that a Bittern has been heard and seen in the wetland area of the wood. The sighting took place about a fortnight ago and is very welcome news, particularly as the wetland area has only recently been restored. A very welcome and important visitor indeed.


 11/02/2013 – Photography – 'Your Photographs':

 We have recently added a 'drop down' page to our Photography page on the main menu to display images taken by visitors to the wood. Should any member of the public who has an image taken in the wood and would like to see it displayed on this page please refer to our guidelines on the Photography page for details.




06/02/2013 – 'Our Sponsors/Donors':

We have recently updated our Sponsors & Donors page to provide members of the public and commercial organisations with the information necessary to facilitate their contributions. Members of the public/commercial organisations wishing to become sponsors or donors are asked to consult this page for information on how to do so.



9/12/2012 - Fundraising Quiz:

This event held at the Bluebell Inn, North Walsham, was well attended and the Trust was presented with a cheque for £327. Our grateful thanks are due to Terry, the owner, his family and staff, for all the hard work they have done throughout the year raising funds for the various organisations they so kindly and generously support. The cheque was received by Nick Sutherland, our chairman, on the Trust's behalf.



 25/11/2012 – Footpaths:

Regular users of footpaths approaching the wood from Little London Road and Bacton Road will not have failed to notice the work being undertaken on the canal and as a result of this we are unable to guarantee continued access to the wood via these routes, certainly until the location of bridges and other crossover points have been established. We are in contact with the developer to ascertain what changes are planned or envisaged and when they are likely to occur. We will keep you informed of developments via this site.



24/11/2012 - Tree Identification Guide:

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a tree identification guide for the use of the general public, particularly children and schools. Please go to Facilities & Walks for details.


 6/7/10/2012 - Theft and Vandalism.

During the weekend of the 6th and 7th of October we were, once again, targeted by thieves and vandals. The theft resulted in the loss of all our powered implements including strimmers and brushcutters along with fuel cans and litter pickers.


The vandalism resulted in the loss of the 'reed' screen on the side of the Old Barn and a picnic table, both of which were used as fuel for a fire started in the Barn itself, an incredibly stupid thing to do given the fire risk involved not only to the barn but to the wood and to anyone using it at the time. Drinks bottles and cans were strewn everywhere and it is clear that alcohol played a big part in what occurred. Two pole barriers were also destroyed


 Police investigations are currently ongoing but should any members of the public have any information which could be of use to their investigation it would be very welcome. The officer in charge of the investigation is PC Emma Hill who can be contacted at North Walsham police station by dialling 101.


The losses, which cost the trust in the region of £2,500, will impair our ability to maintain footpaths until the tools have been replaced.


 We should like to take this opportunity to thank those members of the public who very kindly assisted with the cleanup, particularly the collection of bottles and cans.


08/09/2012 - John Sweeney Award for the Environment. 

David & BrianWe are pleased to announce that the Trust was awarded a runners-up certificate at the John Sweeney Award ceremony held at the GreenBuild event at Felbrigg Hall on the 8th and 9th of September 2012. The citation was as follows:



"Pigney's Wood. A Local Nature Reserve near North Walsham, run by a community trust and staffed by volunteers, where an area of overgrown and degraded former farmland was restored into a natural pond and wetland area. The area has quickly been colonised by plant and animal life and forms an idyllic area for walks."



David Gosling and Brian Abbs (Trustee/Directors), pictured, collected the award certificate on the trust's behalf.




29/03/2012 - Long Service Awards and Honorary Life Membership Certificates.

We are pleased to announce the award of Honorary Life Membership and Long Service Certificates to the following retired members of the Trust:

Mr David Ross – Mundesley

Mr 'Pip' Thomas – North Walsham

Mr Charles Utting – North Walsham

Congratulations and thank you.


25/02/2012 - Vandalism.

Vandals have been active within the wood again and have damaged the two single pole barriers adjacent to the car park and the reed weather screen on the left hand side of the 'Old Barn'. Should anyone have any information about these incidents or know any of those involved we should be pleased to hear from you. Information will be held in the strictest confidence. The police have been informed.


We also require two secondhand steel filing cabinets of three to four drawers each. Office discards would be ideal. Local collection can be arranged.

Contact Peter at

 Sightings in the Wood:

16/11/2011 - Rare Butterfly.

A Camberwell Beauty (nymphalis antiopa), a very rare visitor to this country, was seen in the wood on November 16th. This sighting has been reported to Butterfly Conservation and is one of only two sighted this Autumn.

A Marsh Harrier (circus aeruginosus), was also seen cruising the wood.

(Click on species for further information).

 Pigneys Wood Wetlands Restoration Project:

03/12/2011 – We are pleased to announce that all major groundworks have been finished and that the public are free to use all footpaths surrounding the site area. Some may find this difficult until the paths have dried out which may take some time. We expect to see substantial reed growth by early spring providing a new habitat for flora and fauna. See images, below, of the work carried out and click here for detailed map of the site area.

360 at Work Wetlands Restoration

Wetlands Restoration 360 at Work

Wetlands Restoration Wetlands Restoration

Wetlands Restoration - November 2011

 Annual General Meeting:

Please note that the date for the AGM has been changed to Wednesday, 30th of November, 2011 and the final Board meeting of the year will take place on the same date. The time and venue remain as indicated. Click here for AGM agenda.

 Sunday, May 15th – 'Fun Day for All Ages'.

This event, hosted by the North Norfolk Community Woodland Trust, the owners of Pigneys Wood, and organised by the North Norfolk Workout Project under the able guidance of their leader, Mark Webster and his team, attracted in excess of 400 hundred visitors, the majority of whom were children accompanied by their parents and family members. The visitors were able to enjoy a number of attractions which included, amongst others, a dipping platform (very popular with children), a drumming band, a storyteller, a plant stall, guided nature walks and, on a more practical level were invited to make nesting boxes and even dissect owl pellets which some, no doubt, found a little squeamish but, nevertheless, very interesting.


The occasion was catered by "Mads Outside Catering" who did a roaring trade providing burgers, bacon sandwiches, soup, coffee, tea, soft drinks and other fare.


The weather remained fine and warm throughout the day apart from a very light shower around midday. A rotating mini-bus service was provided, free of charge, between North Walsham and Pigneys Wood and carried a significant number of visitors from the pick-up point located at the Community Centre in North Walsham. Over 200 vehicle movements (about 100 cars) were recorded in and out of the wood and we are pleased to record that no blockages/holdups occurred either in the wood or at the car park entrance/exit to Hall Lane. For this we have to thank our Trustees who acted as greeters, parking attendants, and general guides throughout the day.


The event was planned to celebrate the completion of our lottery funded project and to show members of the public, at firsthand, what the wood has to offer them as an educational and recreational facility which they can enjoy throughout the year.


From the feedback we have received it is clear that our visitors enjoyed their day and as a result we are seriously considering hosting a similar event next year.


Some of our young guests enjoying the day


 Family Fun Day 1 Family Fun Day 2 Family Fun Day 3


(Images courtesy of BTCV and North Norfolk Workout Project)


If you have any comments you would like to make about this event or have any ideas for future events please contact us by email using the email facility provided. Please use the subject heading 'Events 2012'. All ideas from anyone of any age are welcome.


For those wishing to find out more about the North Norfolk Workout Project please click here.


For the report in the EDP 24  by Alex Hurrell click here


Saturday, January 8th - Mini Launch of Lottery Project.

This event, held in the wood in early January to celebrate the projects near completion was well attended by members of the public and local dignitaries including Town, County and District Councillors and our local MP, The Rt Hon. Norman Lamb. A tree was planted to mark the occasion. A variety of hot refreshments were provided by "Mads Outside Catering".


As will be appreciated this project has involved a considerable amount of work and effort in administration and organisation to say nothing of the physical demands of implementing the various works involved and whilst all members of the project team have made contributions special mention should go to David Gosling, our team leader, who dealt with all the voluminous paperwork and accounting procedures which a project of this size entails and to Brian Abbs, our Maintenance Manager, who spent hours in the wood supervising and guiding the contractors engaged in carrying out the work.


Our Guests on the Day


Our Guests Davids address David, Norman & Graham


(Images courtesy of Peter & Loraine Holtam)




Sunday, December 12th - Fundraising Quiz.

This event held at the Bluebell Inn, North Walsham, was well attended and the Trust was presented with a cheque for £377. Our grateful thanks are due to Terry, the owner, his family and staff, for all the hard work they have done throughout the year raising funds for the various organisations they so kindly and generously support. The cheque was received by David Ross on the Trust's behalf.