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Pigneys Wood

owned & managed by

North Norfolk Community Woodland Trust

Company Registered in England No 2641361
Registered as a Charity No 1011541
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Become a Sponsor/Donor

How to become a sponsor:

Commercial organisations or individuals who wish to support the trust with their sponsorship are always very welcome.


For commercial sponsorship of 30 we will provide a brief description of your business and a link to your own website as demonstrated on this page, above. For 100 we will provide all of the above and display your logo, with a link to your website, on every page as seen on the left hand side of this page below the main menu.


For individuals the same rates and conditions apply but in the absence of your own website a link to a website of your choice will be allowed.


In all cases we reserve the right to reject any material or link considered to be unsuitable or an infringement of copyright neither do we accept responsibility for any such material.


For more information or to arrange sponsorship please contact Peter at:


who will be pleased to discuss your individual requirements or write to the address, below.


Members of the public/organisations who would like to make a contribution to maintaining the facilities which Pigneys Wood provides can do so by making donations as follows:


By cheque made out to:


North Norfolk Community Woodland Trust

C/o 31, Yarmouth Road

North Walsham


NR28 9AT


or through: through their website:


following the 'Make a donation' link.


The monies raised by your contributions will be used for general maintenance of our facilities which include:


Repairing tracks and footpaths, particularly 'easy access' routes for wheelchairs

Clearing foliage and grass from pathways

Rebuilding and repairing steps

Inspection and, where necessary, removal of damaged overhanging branches of trees on popular routes for safety reasons. A qualified tree surgeon is used for this work

Maintenance of picnic facilities, benches and tables etc

Maintenance of the car park and the 'Old Barn'

Emptying dog litter bin (council charge)

Provision of brochures, notices and signs where appropriate

Repair and replacement of hand and power tools

Fuel for power tools, strimmers mowers etc

Provision of safety equipment for volunteers, gloves, goggles etc

Nesting boxes, growbags, trays, wildflower plants and seeds

Insurance for equipment, public liability and trustee liability


We estimate that 3000 is required annually to maintain these facilities and it will be appreciated why your donations are so important in enabling us to do so.


We look forward to your continued support, it is very important to us.